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Incoming Sixth Graders

Getting Prepared for Middle School at WHMS

Home Access Center (HAC)

This application allows you to view student grades, assignments, and attendance in a real-time environment. Grades will typically be visible in HAC within two weeks of the assignment due date. Additional time should be provided in the case of assignments that may take longer to grade (e.g., projects, research papers, etc.). Login can be found via the Calvert County Public Schools website within the Parents tab or Quicklinks. HAC Login

School Messenger

This allows you to stay connected to information from the school, district, and teachers. You can choose the channels in which you would like to receive the information (email, text, voice). More information on communications preferences can be found on the Calvert County Public Schools website. To download the app to your mobile device visit SchoolMessenger.


Free transportation to and from school is provided by Calvert County Public Schools.

Bus Stop and School Locator

Calvert County Public Schools offers a searchable online database to locate a school's attendance zone based on location. You can also perform a simple search to determine school and transportation information by visiting Versatrans e-Link - School/Transportation Search. Once there, select grade and input address information to receive your school's transportation information. To provide accurate information, the student must be registered and have the applicable transportation components properly completed within the student information system. If your address search does not show a bus number or the pick-up and drop-off locations are different, please call Transportation at 443-550-8786 to confirm the location of your stop.

Bus Status

Bus status updates are posted on the CCPS website's Bus Status webpage. Parents can also download the Here Comes the Bus app to track real-time location of their child’s bus, scheduled and actual arrival times, and receive push and/or email notifications of bus status.

Car Riders

Drop off/ Pick- up occur at the front of WHMS school at the small circle. Doors open at 7:45 a.m. and car rider dismissal is at 2:55 p.m. If car riders enter the building after 8:00 a.m., they must sign in at the main office. Parents do NOT have to sign-in their students. To sign your child out early, parents must come into the building with a photo ID.

Child Nutrition

Breakfast and lunch are offered daily. Visit School Meal Information to view menus and pricing. Breakfast is purchased before students enter 1st period and eaten in the classroom. Lunch is sold as a full meal, and there are snacks sold in the à la carte line. Pricing: Breakfast= $1.65, Lunch = $2.80. Parents can also use MySchoolBucks to add money to their child’s account. Students use their student ID number to purchase their items.

P.E. (A/B Schedule)

P.E. will be on either A Day or B Day with Fine Arts (Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Music Appreciation) on the opposite day. As of May 18, 2022 (subject to change), P.E. Uniforms are optional, students may do the following:

  • Purchase a uniform 1st week of school and change in the locker room
  • Bring your own P.E. clothes and change in the locker room.
  • Not change and wear attire suitable for P.E. class. Crocs are not suitable
  • Recommendations:
    • Bring a pair of old sneakers and a change of clothes to keep in your gym locker
    • Bring deodorant to keep in your gym locker
    • Wash your P.E. uniform or P.E. clothes once a week at home

Cell Phones

Are to be used for educational purposes only at WHMS and are not mandatory for instruction. When not used for educational purposes, cell phones are on silent and away. Cell phones are not to be used at lunch nor the hallways (earbuds = cell phones). If a student needs to use the phone, they should report to the main office and request to make a phone call.


Is the last period of the day from 2:25 p.m.–2:55 p.m. It allows students to check their Agenda Planner (provided by WHMS), do homework, get organized, read for pleasure, or get help from a teacher. Students will be required to get a pass from the teacher in which they need help and show the pass to their Advisory teacher. Sometimes, teachers will issue the Advisory pass.

School Supplies

Every student will be issued a school laptop, power cord, and a daily agenda planner. The recommended school supply list is not mandatory for the first week of school: 4 composition notebooks, 6 two pocket folders, pencils, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils and a refillable water bottle. Recommended but not mandated are:  computer mouse and headphones (wired or wireless).


Is Calvert County Public Schools selected learning management system used to support course management, virtual learning, communication, and collaboration in grades PK through 12. The Schoology platform enables students, parents, and teachers to engage with learning materials in a safe, secure, single sign-on environment. Schoology accounts are created for parents who have an email address in Home Access Center (HAC). When you select the Parent Login you will enter your HAC email address and the password you set up when you first activated your Schoology account.


Students who miss 18 or more days, whether they are lawful or unlawful absences, in a school year will be considered for retention. Students who are absent 12 or more days will be considered having chronic absenteeism and may be required to provide notes from a physician for any absences thereafter.

IEPs/ 504 Plans

For questions regarding 504 plans, contact Kristin Childers, Dean of Students. For questions about IEPs, contact Hollie Ims, Assistant Principal.


Main Office number:  443-550-9310
WHMS Website